Sébastien is a very talented Drone Artist with an organically grown passion for photographing and filming surfers and natural landscapes. His keen eye for detail, exceptional timing and ability to capture the subject or landscape in a way that truly draws you into the photo, makes him one of Australia's most innovative drone artists.

Naturally drawn to and inspired by the ocean, Sébastien is passionate about capturing from above in a creative and unique way. Each of his photographs and videos carry a strong individual energy and capture the essence of a particular moment or period of time.

He works within the Events industry to capture the vibe of an individual event and show off its finest elements.
Sébastien also enjoys working on creative Architectural projects and creates special content for businesses seeking to be captured in a creative space.

Well known for his warm and friendly energy, Sébastien works with clients closely to get a real feel for what they're wanting to capture and achieve. He is an absolute perfectionist and refuses to deliver anything that is not of the highest standard.

Sébastien was born and raised in the west of France in a family with a great love of horses and Equestrian. He has also lived in Paris, Beaune in Burgundy and Galway, Ireland. Sébastien's love for Australia began 12 years ago when he was holidaying here with his best friends. He now calls Australia home with his Australian wife and two beautiful children.